Rise in industry and development has led to growth and advancement in the cement sector. Cement producers are bound to implement technology in order to optimize the process. Cement Process is continuous and energy conducive. The high cost of energy and continuity of the process has compelled the industry to improve maintenance, decrease energy consumption and operational optimization.
AdvanGram’s team of engineers have comprehensive experience of the entire cement process right from the crushing stage until the Packing and Dispatching stage. We have specialized solutions and services for the cement industry which have been developed by our Process Consultants who have worked at leading cement plants in the world. We eliminate gaps in a cement plant by identifying them through our advance analysis and addressing them with the help of our advance knowledge. At AdvanGram, our challenge is to enhance production along with process optimization and efficient use of energy. We provide the following solutions & services in cement:

  • Advance Process Control
  • Manufacturing Execution System
  • Energy Management System
  • Emission Analysis
  • Enterprise Asset Management Integration
  • Production Planning & Scheduling
  • Business Intelligence
  • Condition Based & Predictive Based Maintenance
We also provide turnaround services and ensure the plant is up and running with full efficiency in minimal time. Apart from our solutions, we also provide services of various control systems like PLC, DCS, QCS and HMI. We also provide training to the plant operators and engineers.