Food & Beverage Industry faces the challenges of immense competition and rising input cost. It wants to capitalize on their assets and ensure maximum production with good quality. The issues that any typical food & beverage producing industry faces is that normally, there are quite a few production lines in any area of plant. Central tracking and analysis of these lines or machines is typically a massive issue. Furthermore, the manufacturing is completely batch oriented and manufacturers face a lot of challenges in tracking the management and performance of the produced batches.
AdvanGram has a range of solutions designed specifically for the Food and Beverage Industry. AdvanGram can provide an integrated solution that aggregates data form all individual assets ( line/machine etc. ) and provides advance visualization in order to facilitate stakeholders to take great decisions. Our goal for Food & Beverage customers is to increase the efficiency of their plant and we do so by providing state of the art advance solutions like:

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Condition Based & Predictive Maintenance
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Manufacturing Execution System
  • Business Intelligence
  • Energy Management
AdvanGram Manufacturing Execution System connects with the entire production and supply chain and helps in execution of successful orders. AdvanGram has the in house expertise to integrate the plant floor with enterprise systems, which holistically ensures the following:

  • Manufacturing compliance on standards like 21 CFR 11.
  • Enterprise wide visibility.
  • Enhanced plant efficiency.
  • Improved corporate level decision making.
  • Synchronization between different departments.
  • Reduction in energy & operational Costs.