Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturers want to enhance their production and thus they want to facilitate their decision makers to optimize plant floor at all times. Manufacturing execution systems (MES) provides access to real time data and control of factors that are critical for the production process. MES guides its users to initiate a process, respond to real time critical conditions and control operations at run time. MES covers the entire domain of operations resource allocation, scheduling, execution, dispatch and tracking. MES can also bridge ERP with plant operations layer in order to achieve operational excellence.
Our MES solution provides end to end integration of the entire process by automating, executing and managing the entire plant operations. The manufacturing processes include supply chain, production, maintenance, distribution, quality, resource planning and asset management. MES involves an integration and collaboration of a lot of diverse and geographically segregated systems like SCADA, DCS, QCS, HMI, PIMS, ERP, and CMMS. Our MES solution has the capability to smoothly integrate with all these systems and provide central analysis. Our solution has the capability to integrate with large number of devices and data regardless of their position. The best thing about our MES is the flexibility of the customization that enables it to suit any manufacturing process ranging from continuous, discrete and batch.
AdvanGram’s MES achieves the below benefits:

  • Visibility/Track of real time manufacturing operations
  • Enhance and optimize productivity
  • Improve quality
  • Optimize production cycle time

We can provide an implementation from scratch and we can also help you troubleshoot your existing MES.