Advance Process Control

With growing technological advancements in process control solutions, industries are now moving ahead with deploying techniques to enhance the performance and optimize the process. It is essential to be an expert on the process in order to identify its gaps and propose an optimized solution. AdvanGram has a diverse and deep understanding of process industries like Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Cement, Refineries, Paper and Food and Beverages. We have deployed many APC solutions globally across these industries. Our engineers embody a cumulative of more than 100 years of process optimization knowledge. Our goal is to increase production and decrease the cost simultaneously. Operators who are running the plant have to make sure that the plant is always running at a certain level which yields optimal production and ensures safety of the plant as well. Some of the benefits of our APC solution are as below:

  • Optimal production
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Reduction in operational cost
  • Smooth and easy operations
  • Minimal breakdowns
  • Enhanced process stability