Leak Detection System

Leaks in Oil & Gas pipelines are one of the gigantic challenges that companies face in their day to day operation. Leaks result in massive losses and results in decrease in profitability. AdvanGram provides a plug and play solution for Pipeline Leak Detection system. AdvanGram’s detects leak using a variety of algorithms like Pressure Wave or drop method, Volume Balancing Method etc. AdvanGram’s Leak Detection System does the following:

  • Immediately detects the leak.
  • Provides instant notifications in case of a leaks
  • Correctly pinpoints the location of the leak
  • Logs the details of each leak
  • Hardly generates any false alarm
  • Comes with an extremely user friendly graphical interface
  • Has the ability to detect leaks when the pipeline is blocked (when flow falls to zero)
  • Has the ability to filter and analyze historical leaks
  • Can seamlessly integrate with the existing SCADA system
  • Is completely compliant with API 1155/1130 Standards