Terminal Automation System

AdvanGram's offers a plug & play TAS solution for Tank Farm Management. Whether you want a solution from scratch or you have a partial existing setup that you are looking to streamline, AdvanGram's state of the art solution will help you to completely address your Terminal Automation System needs. AdvanGram's TAS Solution inherently comes with extreme flexibility in order to accomodate the high level of interaction that Terminal Automation Sstem involves. Our solution's unique ability to adapt according to the practices of our customer sets us apart from others. Our TAS solution incorporates integration of all entities involved in a terminal and regulates the process accordingly. Integration and handling of following components are part of our TAS solution:

  • Customer's ERP System
  • Flow Computers
  • Valves
  • Entry/Exit Controlling
  • Blending & Additives
  • Truck Loading System
  • Loading arms & skids
  • Card Readers / Access Control
  • Presets

We can also provide a turnkey solution that involves installation and implementation of all of these required components. All of the process is regulated and monitored by our system. AdvanGram's TAS system provides world class reporting on terminal operations. These reports can be:
- Daily product dispatch report
- Weekly dispatch report
- Monthly dispatch report
- Batch report
- Tank analysis report ( Input/Output )
- Bay utilization
- Bill of lading
- Customized reports as per requirements.