Business Intelligence

Data is the heartbeat of any manufacturing organization. Modern success very heavily relies on the ability to extract power from data. And yet when decision makers need important information to make crucial decisions in operations, they face gigantic obstacles to find meaningful information in an arranged manner.

One of the challenges most managers and employees face is that the data is distributed across various interconnected mediums

A medium can be any system that stores useful information. A medium can be Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Asset Management System, Manufacturing Execution System, a Microsoft SQL Database from a custom based application and so on.

Naturally, combining these data sources and analyzing aggregated information for informed decision making can be an arduous task. Implementing Business Intelligence (BI) answers the above concerns by consolidating critical data and developing KPIs, Scorecards, Dashboards & Powerful Reports in order to provide convenient visibility & analysis in their operations. An integrated portal provides a comprehensive enterprise wide scenario which has the ability to address needs of all employees across the board. Business Intelligence helps businesses by offering the following benefits:

If you plan to implement or need consultancy regarding business intelligence, you’ve come to exactly the right place. AdvanGram has a wide range of expertise on Business Intelligence. Not only AdvanGram has huge experience in implementation of Business Intelligence processes, AdvanGram also has hands on experience on leading BI tools like Tableau, QlikView, iDashboard and many more. We, at AdvanGram, can help you start from scratch in implementing BI and can also provide you consultancy in your existing BI setup.

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