Energy Management System

In the age of diminishing energy resources organizations are set to achieve maximum energy efficiency. Manufacturing processes are normally energy intensive industries and energy is considered to be a major input in the process. Energy Management is usually the top contributor in cost of production and manufacturers know that in order to reduce this cost, they need to optimize the energy consumption of their process. Energy Management System helps organizations to optimize their energy usage. AdvanGram’s energy management solution has the capability of collecting data from various energy sources and provide analysis that would enlighten the users with the required data. All of the information related to energy shall be aggregated in a central platform and advance analysis on this information shall provide them visibility into their energy consumption. It shall enable them to monitor where and how much energy is being consumed and what steps can be taken to minimize consumption. Our Energy Management Solution collects data from controllers, energy meters, power meters and provides centralized management of all these distinct energy sources. The system provides real time and historical monitoring of energy KPI’s such as KWH/Unit, MJ/Ton etc. It also exhibits in-depth analysis through advanced trending, charting and reporting on energy consumption by source such as Water, Gas, Steam or Electricity.

Availability and visibility of all the energy information at a single platform managers can better estimate patterns and perform in-depth analysis to optimize the supply and demand for energy.

We offer load balancing and optimization taking into account the demand in real-time. Based on our experience with clients, our users end up reducing 5% of their costs related to energy on annual basis. Some of the benefits of our Energy Management System are as below:

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