Overall Equipment Effectiveness

In today’s competitive markets Manufacturers strive to maximize their output. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is probably the best indicator of how a manufacturing plant is performing with respect to it installed capacity. OEE reports the overall utilization of equipment, machines, production lines, plants and operations. It depicts the deficit between actual, planned and ideal performance.

There are three major components of OEE i.e. Availability, Performance and Quality.

Availability referred as the uptime or the percentage of planned/schedule time that an asset is available. It is critical for manufacturers to ensure minimum downtime during their planned production time thus their goal is to maximize Availability. Performance depicts the speed of operations versus its maximum capability. It is vital for a manufacturing unit to produce maximum items during the planned time thus they want to make sure that their machines are running/producing close to their capability. Quality is the percentage of good items produced as compared to the total items produced. If the quality of production is not good then the number of waste products would increases and hence an increase in losses. In general following are the benefits of a successful OEE implementation:

Reduced down time

Increased production

Lower costs

Improved quality

AdvanGram realizes the importance of an OEE system and delivers the state of the art OEE solution to its customers. Our OEE solution includes role based dashboards, KPI Analysis, trends, process diagrams and reports to monitor, analyze and enhance production efficiency. We have an experience of deploying OEE at several manufacturing plants across the globe. We have helped our customers to increase plant reliability and improve asset utilization through our OEE solution. Numerically, we have been able to deliver the following improvements to our worldwide customers by deploying our solutions at their facility:

5 % Decrease in downtime

1.75% Higher production

2.5% Waste reduction

3.5% Cost reduction

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