Warehouse Management System

With rising needs of improvement in logistics and operations, organizations are in need of efficient management of stocks and inventories. Warehouse Management system ( WMS ) is a software which helps in every day operations and centralized management of inventory and stocks in a warehouse. The idea of the warehouse management system is to decrease productivity losses in logistics, inventory, stocks, labor, space and time.

WMS facilitates the users to the optimal usage of warehouse space and logistics.

WMS also bridges the retailer with the inventory which gives them a direct insight into the present stock. All orders placed in the ERP are, ideally, directly integrated in WMS and it would automatically manage it and thus reduce order cycle time. It has the ability to handle multiple channels and distribute stocks optimally. WMS can also take care of shifting demands thus ensuring optimal inventory and can significantly reduce the energy consumption by managing warehouse equipment movement in an intelligent and optimal way. Our WMS solution minimizes write-downs and write-offs, provides an integration platform between the warehouse and third party systems like ERP, CMMS etc, and can manage multiple locations for warehouse.

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